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Color Management
  • Color customization… create infinite number of colors.
  • Change colors on threading individual, in a selection, or for a specific yarn.
  • Color Sequences… Create plaids and stripes over any weave structure.
Color & Weave
  • Create color and weave effects quickly and easily
  • Choose upto 4 colors to alternate
  • Pick a standard alternating sequence
  • Or create you own seqence
Project Calculations
  • Computes number of warp ends.
  • Computes yardage requirements for warp and weft
  • Given loom dimensions will compute finished fabric dimensions
  • Given finished fabric dimensions, will compute loom length and width
  • Computes number of heddles required for each harness
  • Recognizes floating selvedges
  • Metric units available
File Management
  • File Manager allows you to view summary information about a list of your patterns.
  • Select only the directorys that you use for a hierachical file search.
  • Filter on the types of files you want to see
  • File image will show in upper right corner for recent files saved in WeaveIt 5.
  • Sort files by weave type, number of harnesses, date...
  • Use the threading, treadling or tieup from draft on file in a new draft you are just creating.
  • Supports WIF independent weave pattern format for exchange with other weaving software.
  • Save drawdown as bitmap for import into other graphics programs.
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