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Windows WeaveIt Basic
is a weaving program designed for the weaver who wants a basic drawdown program and to calculate warp and weft yarn information.

  • Easy to use
  • On-line Interactive Tutorial
  • Easy to use file manager
  • Supports WIF
  • Variable Width Threads
  • Copy to Images
  • Color Sequences
  • Tartan Design
  • Calculate Sett
  • Compute Yarn Yardage

  • See all the details of Windows WeaveIt Basic

    Windows WeaveIt Pro
    is a full-featured weaving program designed for the weaver who wants to design drafts creatively. It includes all the features of WeaveIt Basic. Additionally includes:

  • Find Float Length
  • Turn Drafts
  • Blend Drafts
  • Block Substitution
  • Interleave Drafts
  • Double Weave
  • Fabric Analysis
  • Sectional Warp Calculations
  • Taquete` Design Window
  • Re-arrange Shafts & Treadles
  • Network Drafting
  • Opposites Design & Advancing Twills

  • See all the details of Windows WeaveIt Pro

    Windows WeaveIt Loom Control Driver
    provides an interface for computer-driven looms. It requires Windows WeaveIt Pro.  Drivers available:

  • AVL Compu Dobby I, II & III
  • JMade JComp
  • Louet Magic Dobby, Ocado and Megado
  • See all the details of the Windows Dobby Drivers

    WeaveIt is a product of the Canyon Art, LLC

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